PAHTLI ARTS ~ Art as Medicine  

Art Therapy uses both creative expression, artistic techniques and different mediums in the context of therapeutic application. The arts are a universal feature of all cultures, and throughout the evolution of consciousness man has used drawing, painting and sculpture as expressions of the encounter of two worlds - inner and outer.  The healing potential of art can be applied when it allows images that arise from the unconscious to become accessible to consciousness. However, the anthroposophic art therapy further extends this vision with its salutogenic methods of using art mediums and techniques that harmonise the dynamic of body, soul and spirit, also providing balance in your thinking, feeling and will forces.


The Mexica philosophy of healing, which is derived from a great observation of nature’s harmonies, energies and cycles, is also focused on maintaining balance for the human being - with his environment, his own unique temperament and relationship to his life’s path in connection with the consciousness of the universe. Cultural traditions, stories and philosophy from Mexico as well as a particular deep tissue healing massage can in their appropriate therapeutic application provide a rich complimentary addition to the artistic process.


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an integration of anthroposophy and traditional Mexica philosophies and healing methods

‘In art, man gives back to the eternal what he has received for the earth’  Rudolf Steiner